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Repopulate empty zones with forest plants and give awareness to every citizen of the following:

  1. Reforesting 1.5 squared meters of non-pruned grass generates every year enough oxygen to satisfy the annual needs of oxygen for the human being.

  2. Reviving the process of photosynthesis we assist with the earth and improve the quality of the air (we oxygenate our world).

  3. Catching dust and other suspending specks, reduce the distribution through the city and decrease gases from greenhouse effects, likewise a squared meter of grass can remove yearly 0.2 kilograms of suspending specks.

  4. 1 squared meter of plants with foliage can evaporate more than ½  liter of water in a hot day, and up to 700 lts. annually, this regulates the temperature of the process of evapotranspiration, this brings as consequence that plants become capable of cooling the cities during the summer season.

  5. Insulating the roof prevents the transfer of heat through the concrete, as a normal summer day the temperature of the concrete can reach up to 70 degrees Celsius, meanwhile in a simple green roof of grass won’t succeed the 25 degrees. A room under a roof garden it’s found at 3 degrees colder than exterior air, this translates into an energy cost saving.

  6. A environment green and of constant care of plants generate benefits to health by decreasing stress and anxiety, lowers the risk of cardiac diseases and diabetes, improves sleeping quality and prevents emergence of Alzheimer, burns calories, strengthens muscles and articulations, increases the sense of wellness and improve the immune system.

Providing pergolas that generate shading in free areas, control insolation and thermal conduction (thermobreak) likewise extend spaces of home or simply promote the aesthetic redecoration, generate privacy keeping away prying eyes, encouraging meetings at open air, take care of exterior furniture, specify that this mission is the quickest and economic way to obtain these environmental benefits.

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